A Students Expectations From An O Level Chemistry Tutor

Students turn to tutors for help when what they’re getting in school is simply not enough, or if they just want to learn more and maybe even in advance. Tutors have a much harder job, because they have to make sure that each of their students are able to improve in the subject. Tutors also have an easier job, in the sense that they are not so limited when it comes to how they teach. Both of these things are advantages for the student. Here are a few other things that students can expect from their O Level chemistry tutor:

Has Subject Expertise

Tutors are rigorously screened by tuition centers before they’re hired. This means that you can be sure the tutor you get will have the necessary knowledge for him to be qualified to teach the subject. Not only do they have all the degrees and certificates as qualifications, but they also have the necessary experience. This makes sessions a whole lot easier and effective for the students.

Can Explain In Different Ways

One thing you can expect from tutors that you usually do not see in teachers is that tutors can find different ways to explain something. A teacher in school does not usually do this because they don’t have to. Their job is to relay the information to students and make sure that the students know the right answer to exam questions. This is time-efficient, which is required for a school setting. A tutor’s job though is to make sure that you understand the concepts. This is a bit more time consuming, of course, but that is the whole point. The limits in school are not present in a tuition center, so you can take advantage of this so you can learn better.

Knows Which Topics To Spend More Time On

Again, because your tutor is not limited by time and strict rules, he can focus on the topics that are giving you a hard time. You can tell your tutor about which concepts are confusing for you, and he will spend more time discussing these, finding new and better ways of explaining and demonstrating, until you understand everything. Also, because your tutor has had experience with so many different students, he also has an idea of which topics are more difficult than others. He can then schedule his lectures accordingly.

Is Patient And Supportive

Because your tutor will be working with you and a small group, or maybe even one on one, he can focus on your needs more than a teacher can. He can be patient with you, with your learning styles and pace, and with your own personal quirks. You will be an individual students for the tutor, and not just one face in a crowded classroom. This more personal approach allows you to get more support and encouragement as well.

Makes The Subject Fun

Chemistry is not usually seen as a fun subject simply because it is challenging. But in reality, if you don’t think about the exams and the high grades that you need to get, you will realize that chemistry is actually one of the most interesting and fun subjects out there. For one, chemistry can be applied in almost anything in our everyday lives. Also, it can involve experiments and practical demonstrations that would make students understand it better. It’s not like other subjects, such as history, for example, that relies only on facts and books. Chemistry is more practical, and therefore less boring. You can expect your O Level chemistry tutor to show you all this and more during your tuition classes.

Gives Constructive Feedback

Teachers don’t have to time to provide constructive feedback, or any feedback at all, to each and every student. All they can do, with the limited resources and time that they have, is tell you whether you’re right or wrong. This is all well and good, but then you wouldn’t know how to improve. This is where having a tutor is essential. Your tutor will not only tell you if you’re right or wrong, but he will tell you why you are right or why you are wrong, and how you got it right or wrong as well. This way, you know how to get to the right answer again next time.

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