How to grow butterfly flower gaura hybrid

This is the plant with the beautiful vibrant and unusual flower spikes with the red leaves that increase the beauty of the plant. The care is minimal and these can survive in the drought conditions as well as in full or partial sunlight situations. As the flower color is beautiful and attractive it is the best choice to gift to someone special. These plants can grow 2-3 feet high. The cultivation of the plant is easy and one can take care properly without any hard effort.

Care of the plant

  • The plants can bear the harsh conditions of the weather and can survive for many days without water. Once the person adds the seed of the plant it is necessary to keep it hydrated, it is necessary because to develop the healthy root system. As the roots are developed, the plant becomes strong and there is no need to water on daily basis, otherwise, it may create a problem.
  • The person can keep the plant indoor as well as outdoor because the plant has the ability to survive in both the conditions that are in direct bright sunlight as well as in shades or indirect light.
  • The irrigation or the feeding is not required on regular basis; it is good to add fertilizers once in the spring season so that it encourages the good growth of the plant. Try to avoid large addition as it may be harmful to the plant.

Propagation of gaura plant

The propagation is easy; the butterfly gaura flower hybrid is propagated through the seeds. The best time for the propagation is the spring season; one can collect the seeds and sow in the soil properly to get the healthy plant shoots and roots. The basal cutting is best in late springs, while the tip cutting struck in early to mid summers.

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