Hair Styling Hacks For Men

Having trending hair styles is necessary boost for personality. Getting the perfect hair style which suits your face can help you attain a charming personality. But all these require some tricks and hacks to be done and require some special products. But whenever we try to go for these products the questions we face are

WHAT TO USE??     


Generally, every product type has its own significance and value. Talking about the men we are describing some basic styling product types and what are they really meant for.

  1. GELS 

Gels are the most commonly used products. It usually is the best option for a wet and a sleek look.

Gels offer a firm and light hold, so choosing the correct product is important. Since a good and firm hold gel will weigh down the fine hairs. A branded gel should be preferred to avoid hair problems


  1. Work the gel into wet hairs, comb and let it dry.
    2. Try to Use a drier for hairs to hold a style in place.
    3. Put in wet hairs, blow it dry and then add more to lock the hairs in place.
    4. Reactivate the glow when needed by just wetting the hands and running them through the hairs.

They are the first to make into our list. Pomades are incredible products for hair Styling.

*Offer versatile nature

  1. Gives Wet and Shiny Look

They offer a strong but light hold with Wet and shiny outlook of hairs. They give a good shine to hairs along with separated but classic hold over hairs.

*Perfect for

Pomades give the best effect on sleek and well groomed hairstyles. They are not suitable to use on fine hairs. But given long and textured hairs can provide ultimate styling results.


  1. Take a small amount in your palm and rub it warm.
    2. Then Work the product through going from ends to roots.
  2. WAXES

Waxes are of very much similar to pomades, but they offer a more aggressive hold.

*Perfect for

Preferred for short haircuts.

Used for thick hairs.


  1. Dry the hairs completely.
    2. Take a small amount in your palm and rub it warm.
    3. Then Work the product through going from ends to roots.

Styling creams are perfect non-expressing products for a shiny and gentle look.

These creams offer a fine hold with easy to handle and invisible effect. They are preferred for short and gentle haircuts. Can handle both wet and dry hair types.

Application: Applying it is just as same as other products.


Mud and fibers are used to give the strongest hold to hairs and are preferred for small hairs. They can be used to give partitions for long hairs. Muds are applicable for dried hairs only.

Application: Application process is same as for the wax that means of drying hairs and then going in the hold.
These were some hacks which can help any men selecting the perfect product for his hair type.

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