Nikken came out with some far infrared gloves that are unbelievable.  I mean, they are actually unbelievable.   I have arthritis and my hands ALWAYS hurt.  They are typically swollen and just bending them gives me grief.

I’ve had my new Nikken Gloves for about a week now and won’t take them off.  My fingers don’t just feel normal, they actually feel better than this.  I feel like I have more strength in my hands and more flexibility.  I can hold things better, I can type comfortably, the basic things in life are mine again.

I have a few other products from Nikken.  Some of 07waiguablog their products are stand outs like the Duk Tape  and the old magboys.  These gloves seem to be another stand out.  They’re simple and you can feel them work immediately after putting them on.

If you have sore hands, this is a simple solution.  In my opinion and after years of trial and error, these gloves work and are inexpensive for the benefit.



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