Pregnenolone is a one of the powerful nootropic steroid hormones found today. This pill is used for enhancing memory, faster information processing and analytical thinking. If one needs to boost their focus, enhance your mod or have a vibrant energy then Pregnenolone is the right pill for you.

Research has proved that this is one of the most powerful memory enhancer. Pregnenolone is one of the hormones which participate in the combination of various hormones like estrogen, androgens and chemicals as well. Because of this function Pregnenolone is considered to be one of the most vital hormones in the body.

Pregnenolone is also a pro-hormone. Pro hormone means it helps and enhances the production, development and synthesis of the many number of chemicals and hormones. This hormone is synthesized from cholesterol which basically occurs in the adrenal gland. But it does not limit to the adrenal gland it extends it to the skin, testicles, liver, retina of the eye and the ovaries. Pregnenolone is supposed to have some very potent metabolites with minimum side effects. It also contains very limited activity of estrogen. women in anxiety

Effects of Pregnenolone on your body

As said earlier Pregnenolone is a hormone which is naturally produced by our body. However, there are many other things that can interfere during the production of this hormone. As Pregnenolone has a tendency to decline in production as we age, this hormone helps to keep the levels balanced.

Pros and cons of Pregnenolone:

Pregnenolone has quite a number of pros. To name a few one can say that Pregnenolone is needed for the synthesis of various other neuro hormones.

Our naturally occurring Pregnenolone levels tend to decrease as we age and this supplement helps improve the same.

Memory and cognitive thinking improves definitely

Pregnenolone is proved to showcase neuro protective effects

Pregnenolone is also shown positive effects on the sleep cycles and also excellent bright mood


As with any medicine or supplement there are a few cons and downsides. Pregnenolone has the below stated cons.

Pregnenolone is show be less effective in young people and more effective in older people.

While Pregnenolone may be a great mood enhancer but this may also cause excess stimulation or even insomnia for that matter.

If one takes Pregnenolone for a longer periods of time in higher doses then this can cause irritability, hair loss, acne or headaches.

Side effects

Pregnenolone may not be safe for everyone. As with all medicines and supplements it is better to follow the right dosage to keep the serious side effects at bay. Most of the side effects arise from the dosage one take. The dosage is not meant to be taken for longer periods of time.

This supplement may interact with any other drug that you might be already taking. So, it is advisable to avoid this supplement if you are suffering from prostate cancer, ovarian cancer or any kind of breast cancer. If you are considering taking this supplement, ensure that you seek complete medical advice before you start taking Pregnenolone.


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