The start of winter requires you to make some small adjustments to your home. You need to ensure that it can combat cold weather, fight off possible winter damage, and any little creatures that might try to make a home in your home.

Here is our quick guide to help winter proof your home.

Step 1: Store away all items of clothing, tools, and furniture that will be useless in the winter. Put them in the back of your closet or into the attic until warmer weather approaches.

Take all grills and patio furniture inside. Store them on your back porch or in a basement.

Step 2: Look around your home for any items that you might want to donate or sell. Take clothing that you do not plan to wear next summer to thrift shops, or list on eBay.

If you have clothing too worn or damaged to sell or donate, use the fabrics to create winter craft projects, or a new dish rag.

Step 3: Clean gutters. Due to the fall weather, your gutters should be filled with rainwater and leaves. Take care of the debris before it gets harder to handle.

Clean any area around your home that will be hard to clean during the winter, such as your lawn and backyard. Additionally, locate your winter equipment, such as a shovel and snowblower. You will need them soon.

Step 4: Close any openings. You do not want the winter chill to make your entire home cold, so tackle those little cracks by sealing them with tape.

Step 5: Turn off small appliances. To save energy and lower your electricity bill, unplug all small appliances after using them.

Step 6: Have your furnace checked. Make sure it works, so that your home gets heat all winter.

Step 7: Stock up on the essentials. Use Groupon’s coupon section to get a lot of winter necessities, such as comforters and linen at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Step 8: Buy books and other items that make winter less long. With the cold weather, you’ll be spending more time at home, so buy items that will make staying at home more enjoyable.

Make a list of all the things that you need to do before winter hits. Execute them, and then enjoy the fun side of winter. It’s not all doom and gloom.


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