How to Keep Your Kids Protected from Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are dangerous, especially to small kids. Even the simplest bite can cause exceptional discomfort and pain in a small child, which is the primary reason parents want to keep their kids safe from mosquito bites. The secondary reason is the potential for disease. Mosquitoes are prone to carrying and spreading numerous diseases, and they can become a problem for children who aren’t fully vaccinated or simply less healthy than other children. If you’re a parent looking for the most comprehensive way to protect kids against mosquito bites, this information will help.
Dress Kids in Protective Clothing

It’s not always comfortable when it’s warm, but long sleeves and pants are the most helpful when it comes to protecting kids from bites. They make it easy for mosquitoes to move on in search of exposed skin. A hat is another great idea for kids. The additional benefit is that it keeps kids protected from the sun as well as pesky mosquitoes.

Don’t Use Scented Items On Your Kids

Whether it’s lotion or soaps, scented items on a child’s skin make them more interesting to bugs. They’re more likely to bite and cause harm, so avoiding them is a better solution. It’s easy to feel the need to use sweet scents on a baby, but it’s not as safe as unscented products.

Use Bug Spray with DEET
DEET is the best type of bug repellent on the market, but it’s not safe for babies who aren’t yet two-months old. Your best bet at this point is to keep your child indoors or dressed in long sleeves from head to toe. If you cannot find bug repellent with DEET, keep looking. It’s found in most every store, and it’s the best way to keep your kids safe.

Spray Clothing

A great way to keep bugs away is by going further than just spraying your kids’ bodies. Their clothing should be sprayed with mosquito repellent to keep them even safer. Your kids will thank you when you spray down their clothes and make them even less likely targets than other kids.

Apply Well

The problem may parents have is their lack of proper bug spray application. You miss spots, you don’t spray well, and you forget the backs of heads, necks, and ears. Leave nothing to chance when applying your child’s bug spray. Do it as you would sunscreen to protect them from potential bites.

Kids are susceptible to bug bites, but they needn’t be. Your baby is going to find it easy to enjoy spending time outdoors when mom and dad are good at protecting their innocent skin. Your baby’s health is your main concern, and you can learn more about protecting your kids by visiting

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