The Milwaukee Brewers & The Story Of Their Famous Sausage Mascots!

NFL football teams have many tactics to pull crowds into the stadium and make their fans happy. The Milwaukee Brewers- one of the most loved Wisconsin teams are not exception. Besides Bernie Brewer, its famous mascot that slides down a plastic pipe into a beer mug are the famous running sausage mascots of The Sausage Race. These sausages are a cute sight and they enthrall fans that come to watch the matches of The Milwaukee Brewers in the USA.

Origins of the famous Sausage Race

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of both NBA and NFL teams of Wisconsin. He says that the famous Sausage Race is a promotional race for drawing crowds into the stadium when The Milwaukee Brewers are playing. He says that this race is organized by the employees of The Klement Sausage Company in the state. The Sausages that participate in the race are named after the famous offerings at Miller Park. They are called The Klement Racing Sausages and they race each other when the team is playing on their home grounds. Both young and old love to watch these running sausages in action. Fans cheer them along and the race is undoubtedly an entertaining one to all and sundry present.

The Original Race has three Sausages

The first Sausage Race of The Milwaukee Brewers started with just three sausages. The names of these Sausages were The Polish Sausage, The Italian Sausage and The Bratwurst. Two more sausages joined the race and they are The Chorizo and The Hot Dog. They arrived on the scene later between 1990-2000. Employees of the Factory dress up as these Sausages and they race one another. They are the imitation of the icons that appeared on the scoreboard of the game. Originally fans used to see them on the scoreboard however in 1993, fans were in for a big surprise when these sausages ran onto the field live. The fans were happy as they cheered them on. The idea of bringing these Sausages alive belonged to Michael Dillon. He was a graphic designer by profession and he shared this unique idea with the VP Operations of the team- Gabe Paul. The idea was an instant hit and till date fans of The Milwaukee Brewers eagerly await to see these famous sausages in action!

Sandy Petrocelli adds that the NFL and the NBA is not only about playing games and winning matches. The teams also love their fans and wish to entertain them all the time. The Sausage Race is just one example of the team trying to draw in crowds and make them enjoy each and every moment of the game. The Sausage Race is a fine example as how teams keep their young and old fans happy. When the famous Sausage Mascots are not racing one another at matches, you will find them making special appearances at charitable events. Both NFL and NBA teams make their fans happy and no wonder they are loved not only in the USA but across the world today!

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