What Can a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys Do For You

Bankruptcy attorney can Stop foreclosure, Stop car repossession, Stop wage garment, and Eliminate all Unsecure Debt.

If you have fallen behind on your credit card or car payment or received a notice of foreclosure, bankruptcy attorneys Los Angelescan help you stop the foreclosure sale and eliminate credit card debts, stop wage garnishment or car repossession.

There are two different types of bankruptcy chapters which are chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy and both are handy in certain situation. It’s very important to seek for aLos Angeles bankruptcy attorneyswhen you want to eliminate debt. Not all debt can be clear and not all bankruptcy chapters work the same.

When it comes to stopping collections and saving your home, picking the right firm is of utmost importance as the experience and expertise of the bankruptcy attorneys determines your success. So if you are receiving creditor calls, facing wage garnishments or foreclosure or are currently overwhelmed by debt or even facing a lawsuit, you should immediately contact our bankruptcy attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group. Our bankruptcy attorneys are committed lawyers and will go the lengths to attain your goals. They will, depending on your situation, aid you in deciding whether or not you need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and will take care of all the paper work and court related matters to ensure a successful resolution of your case.


How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help You


You file a chapter 13 for repayment of missed car or mortgage payments. This bankruptcy enables a borrower to strip himself of an unsecure second home loan and catch up even after he has fallen behind on car or mortgage payments in a payment plan. Only individuals with incomes sufficient enough to afford a monthly payment under a realistic payment plan can file for chapter 13 bankruptcy. Foreclosures are stopped immediately by a chapter 13 bankruptcy while the case lasts, and also ultimately, giving individuals the opportunity to keep their properties though they had fallen behind on their payments so long they can keep making monthly payments towards their payment plan.

How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Help You

With a chapter 7 bankruptcy, an individual is able to totally eliminate medical and credit card debts and stop wage garnishment. It also delays foreclosure sale for some time and takes away all debts relating to a first mortgage loan if the individual plans on surrendering his property and leave with a balance owing.

You should immediately contact our experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Los Angeles to get information on your first call to find out which type of bankruptcy will be best suited for you free of charge. The call is free and saving your home is just a call away!

For additional information about filing bankruptcy visit http://consumeractionlawgroup.com or call(818) 254-8413 to speak to a California bankruptcy attorney.

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